Class photos are taken at Thistle Draftshop in Spring, Texas in their private room.

Class photos are taken at Thistle Draftshop in Spring, Texas in their private room.

Private brush calligraphy for beginners classes are available in the greater Houston area and beyond! Read on for info on classes, supplies, and booking!

What You Can Expect
Your fee covers all the supplies you'll need for the lesson, and you'll take everything with you so that you can practice, practice, practice! 
You'll learn what makes calligraphy calligraphy, the basics of forming and joining script letters, the tricks that will take your lettering to the next levels, how to get the best from and care for your brush lettering materials, troubleshooting & how to avoid common beginner mistakes, the basics of watercolor as a medium, and of course I'll be there to guide you and answer your questions!

Supplies provided are yours to keep!
· Round Watercolor Brushes & Instruction for their best use
· Curated Watercolor Paper & Paints for Lettering
· My Guide to Modern Brush Lettering
· 2.5 hours of guided hand-lettering practice
· A stationery gift from Hey Bernadette
BYOB is optional. Classes are for students ages 16+ 

Private Calligraphy Classes are perfect for Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Weekend Retreats, Girl's (or Guy's!) Night In, and more!

How do I book a private workshop?

To book a private event please fill out the form below with location, desired class dates, and estimated number of students.

Spaces suitable for calligraphy lessons will require a sink or access to running water, good lighting at the work space, and tables and chairs with each student given enough space to practice comfortably (1.5 feet per seat minimum). And don't forget the sound level! We'll need to be able to hear each other, so louder venues aren't going to work.

Outdoor venues are not preferred due to wind and direct sun, but are up for discussion. Outdoor venues require a backup location in case of inclement weather.
With all calligraphy workshops you provide the venue. I am happy to offer recommendations to suit your budget.

Classes are offered in the Greater Houston area and beyond. Depending on the distance, travel fees may be added.

$125 per person for 3 to 15 students. Classes with 4 students booked 2 weeks in advance will earn 1 free ticket. Classes must be booked at least one month in advance with a non-refundable payment for 2 studentsPayment for all attendees is due 1 week before date of event. 

All payment is due before the class date. Payments are non-refundable.

Private calligraphy instruction at Thistle Draftshop in Spring, Texas.

Private calligraphy instruction at Thistle Draftshop in Spring, Texas.

To book a class for yourself or your group please fill out the form below.

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