Downloadable Invitation Designs & Heirloom Suites

Let's be frank, shall we? Because I get it, weddings can add up. Bare-bones custom invitation suites generally begin at $1,000+ printed. (And if you want to get creative you can double or triple that or more!) If that's not in your wedding budget does that mean you should have to sacrifice the unique charm of hand lettered invitation design, the undeniably frame-worthy wax sealed and hand addressed keepsake invitation with yummy ribbon and decorative stamps?

Not if I have anything to say about it!

printable celestial wedding invitation

As the consummate DIY'er I'm always looking for a nice, sturdy, affordable foundation on which to build my projects. For wedding invitations downloadable designs are certainly the way to go if you want to save some cash but still want something unique and customizable. And I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for you that mine extra special. Find out why I'm so passionate about creating customized, affordable invitation designs here.
 All of my designs are completely original - I've painted them myself in my studio. No pre-purchased stock images here!
 All of my designs are hand lettered! I'm very proud of this fact! No fonts, it's all calligraphy and brush lettering. This means that even though your suite isn't 100% custom, it is still one-of-a-kind!

 All of my designs are exclusively mine! I only sell my invitations through my website and my Etsy shop. 
 Your print files are print-ready and non-editable, so editing files is one less thing for you to worry about! All you'll need to do is print, I'll do the rest! 

 AND! If you want me to print up your design for you that's an option, too! 
 But my favorite detail is this: each purchased design comes with one Heirloom Suite Package! What's included in the heirloom package you ask..?

Are you ready? Here's what really sets my downloadable invitations apart from the crowd!

You get this!

And one of these!

Your invitation arrives as a printable PDF and as a fully assembled suite mailed to your door!

Included with every design purchase is one Heirloom Suite - your printed and professionally assembled invitation set complete with all the trimmings (for instance - wax seal, silk or velvet ribbons, hand addressed envelopes, those gorgeous decorative stamps, etc.) for you to photograph along with your wedding details and then keep in your wedding album or frame and display. How fun is that?

simply watercolor printable invitation suite

Heirloom Suites can be added on one at a time!

Maybe great uncle Charlie won't really care all that much what your invitation looks like, but imagine Mom's reaction when she sees her hand addressed invitation in the mailbox. Think of your BFF's smile as they crack that wax seal. Some guests merit the extra mile, and with the option of adding exactly as many Heirloom Suites as you'll need you have total control over your wedding invitation budget. And because every design comes with one Heirloom Suite, if one is enough you're good to go!
All Heirloom Suites come with the option of decorative, cancelled postage. If you want to mail out your suites we can skip the vintage cancelled postage so that you can add your own valid postage.

How does it work?

All Heirloom Suites are pre-designed using my own original artwork and lettering. I've painted the artwork, scanned the painted designs and created digital files that are ready for your words. You choose the one that speaks to you and fill out the form below. I'll send you a questionnaire to gather all of the wording and information I'll need for each piece. Then I'll letter your text by hand, scan it, place it, modify the invitation colors to your specifications, and you receive a finished printable digital PDF. 
Once the suite is ready I print up a copy in my studio on 118lb natural white cotton stock, select coordinating envelopes and get to work on creating your heirloom suites. Depending on the design you've chosen your suite is matched to luscious ribbons, wax seals, and hand addressed invitation and RSVP envelopes with coordinating decorative stamps. Once finished the suite is packed in a sturdy flat mailer and shipped to you.

Your PDF files are non-editable and print-ready! You will have the option of printing them at home or taking them to the professional printer of your choice. An instructional PDF is included in your print file folder to help explain the printing process.

Pricing & Available Designs

Optional Printing Pricing:
$125 Per each 100 A7 Invite with 4Bar RSVP
$100 for 100 Invitation & RSVP Envelopes

All Designs: $150 - One flat fee!
Includes: Printable PDF's ready for home printing or professional printing and 1 professionally assembled Heirloom Suite
Additional Heirloom Suites, $25 each

Shipping and tax not included.

More original designs are in the works! Check back often for new suites!