Illustrated & Brush Lettered Custom Invitation Design

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Whether your look is sublimely simple or decadently illustrated, Hey Bernadette is ready to create the custom invitations you're dreaming of.

Wow! I cried with excitement when I opened the package today....Bernadette was easy to work with, answered all my questions... In addition, her workmanship is just lovely. Thanks, Bernadette. I really appreciate you!
— Vicki C.

Custom Watercolor & Gouache Invitations – The Process

Set the tone for your event with textural watercolor invitations you won't find anywhere else. All of my invitations, whether they're a simple one piece card or a full suite, are hand painted by me before the artwork is scanned and digitally printed on high quality invitation stocks and matched to coordinating envelopes.

The invitation process can include, but is not limited to:

Invitations - RSVP's - Hand Drawn Maps - Save the Dates - Details Cards - Thank You Cards - Postcards - Hand Addressed Envelopes
Custom Return Address Stamps - Envelope Liners - Menus - Programs - Announcements - Etc.

When should we begin your suite?
Please allow 6-8 weeks for the creation of your invitations, and time for them to be shipped from my studio to you.

To better estimate your invitation timeline please consider these guidelines for shipping invitations to your guests:

Save the Dates should be mailed 4-6 months before the wedding.
Destination Wedding Save the Dates should be mailed 6-8 months before the wedding.
Wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding.
Destination wedding invitations should be mailed 10-12 weeks before the wedding.
Formal party invitations (black tie affairs, anniversaries) should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the event.
Casual party invitations (birthdays, holidays) should be mailed 2-4 weeks before the event.

Custom Invitation Pricing

A custom suite of about 100 invitations with RSVP and envelopes begins in the ballpark range of $950+.
This includes the digitally printed 5x7 main invite and smaller RSVP digitally printed on natural white cotton paper, and coordinating blank 5x7 outer and RSVP envelopes.
Calligraphed addressing begins at $3.50 per address.
Additions such as digital RSVP addressing, embellishments and upgrades to papers can be added upon request.
For a more specific quote please contact me or if you're in the Houston area fill out the form below for an in-person consultation.

Estimated Invitation Design Timeline

This timeline is my typical time-frame for custom invitation design. Factors which may impact the timeline include how quickly a client responds to their emails and approves their proofs, grand changes to the design, additional proofs, back-ordered supplies, and holidays. It is always better to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need and begin your invitation design as soon as you’re ready.

Here is a sample timeline for 100 hand addressed custom invitations.

First, I am contacted by you, the client, via my contact form. From there we move on to...

Consultation & Pricing: Via email you send along your inspiration photos (either as image files, links, or as Pinterest boards) and decide how many invitations you would like created and what you would like each invitation to include (RSVP, details card, hand drawn map, envelope calligraphy, return addressing, etc.). I am made aware of the date of your event and the date you will need your order in hand (typically no less than 8 weeks from the date the contract is signed and invoice is paid).

Contract is signed and invoice is paid. All invitation wording is finalized and sent to me. We are ready to begin!

Week 1 First Proof

Week 2 Second Proof

Week 3 Third & final proof is finalized and no additional proofs are requested.

Week 4 Items are printed, envelopes are purchased

Week 5 Items arrive at my studio and envelope calligraphy is begun. Allow 1 week for each 100 envelopes to be addressed by hand.

Week 6 Envelopes are addressed and double checked.

Week 7 The order is finalized, double checked, carefully packaged, and shipped to your door!

A Detailed Look at Each Stage of Our Timeline

We decide exactly what will be created (quantities, card sizes, etc.) Your inspiration is sent over to me. This can include images (.jpg, .gif, etc.) in an email or links to images or links to Pinterest boards. I always work better with a visual representation of the look you’re going for, so send these as soon as you’re able.

I prefer to handle all correspondence over email so that I can have a written record readily available. 

Your order’s pieces, quantities, sizes, etc. are confirmed and priced. A quote or invoice is sent to you along with a contract. Once your fee is paid (either with a non-refundable down payment or all up front), and your contract is signed we move on to the design phase.
If a down payment is made the remaining total will be paid before the order is shipped to you.
Finalized invitation wording is sent to me.

Design Phase

First Proof
Your first proof is sent. This is typically 2 or 3 general rough sketches of what will become your final design. Either one design is chosen or pieces are pulled from multiple designs to move us to the next stage.

 In our first proof I present the client with three design ideas based on our consultation and inspiration.

In our first proof I present the client with three design ideas based on our consultation and inspiration.

Second Proof
Your second proof is sent. This is a slightly more finished version of the choice(s) pulled from the first proof. Our goal in this proof is to finalize our design so that we can move on to the next, and potentially final, proof.

 Here our chosen design is expanded on and we are getting closer to the final design.

Here our chosen design is expanded on and we are getting closer to the final design.

Third and Final Proof
This proof is a finalized version of your design to approve before files are sent to the printer. This will be the fully painted, finished design.

 Our design has been finalized and is ready to print!

Our design has been finalized and is ready to print!

Additional Proofs & Redesigns
If additional proofs are requested, and time allows, they can be purchased at my hourly rate of $75 per hour. If full redesigns are requested they will be the cost of a design fee.

Hand Addressing
Allow 1 week for every 100 hand addressed envelopes.  

Your items are shipped to you via FedEx (unless another carrier is requested and purchased) with insurance and a tracking number.

On Inspiration & Mood Boards...

Every good designer understands that the products they create are a key part of a bigger process. Invitations for a wedding, for example, must compliment the wedding itself. And this includes elements like the happy couple's personal style and tastes, choice of venue, formality and tone of the event, etc. That's why I love to get mood boards from my clients. Nothing conveys an event's tone faster than a mood board, or series of photos depicting the style of the event. Links to Pinterest boards or emailed images are always very appreciated and are the most efficient way to start your design process off on the right foot.


second line illustration wedding program


Optional additions to complete your perfect invitation include ribbon, belly bands (the paper strip that wraps your invitation), coordinating ribbon, custom wax seals, custom envelope liners, pocket folders, tissue, etc. 

navy brush calligraphy envelope addressing on cotton
custom wax seal for invitations by hey bernadette


After your invitations are mailed to you we can begin the rest of your calligraphy, if you desire. I can create place cards, table numbers, menus, signage, etc. to complete your wedding paper suite.

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Thank you so much!

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