custom watercolor calligraphy print

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever brings you to me, whether you're a business owner, newly engaged, or about to host an event, I want you to enjoy the experience of hiring an artists and calligrapher. And you can't very well do that if you're feeling overwhelmed, right? Please use this FAQ to familiarize yourself with the process, or send me a message if your answer isn't here.

My business hours: I correspond with clients through email to keep a record of all communications, and do not receive texts or give out a phone number. I typically answer emails within 2 business days. I keep business hours (10 AM to 4 PM weekdays) and correspondence that is sent outside of these hours will be answered on the next business day. 

LGBTQ weddings are celebrated here.

What makes your illustration and calligraphy unique to you?
My style harmonizes organic shapes, texture and a focus on getting the most from the materials used. These key elements come together to create my own personal brand of lettering and illustration, which I feel gives my work a uniquely charming character. Typically I work with watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, and fine cotton papers.

Can you tighten your lettering/make it thicker/make it thinner/make it straighter/etc.?
Simply put, no. My style is the product of years of practice and an effort to change it temporarily to suit an order would only result in an unnatural hand and awkward lettering.

Do you have a minimum order?
My minimum custom order is $75, which is equal to one hour at my hourly rate. So even if an order doesn't total $75 the minimum fee will be $75 and shipping. This is because even if a custom order seems small there is still a lot that goes into it, and it likely will take that entire hour of studio time.
For information on wholesale orders please contact me directly with your questions.

Do you teach classes?
I do! If you would like to schedule a private class please click here.

Do you do letter on canvas?
As a watercolor artist I do not work on canvas. All of my custom quotes are done on fine watercolor paper.

How long will my order take? / When should I order my calligraphy?
First, know that I do not begin orders until they are purchased. 
If you are interested in invitations please read the process here. This page includes a timeline for mailing invitations.
Order as soon as you're ready. Good work takes time, and calligraphy is a slow process. Typically an event order takes weeks to complete, but with a work load that includes other orders from other clients you have to remember that your calligrapher could be a very busy artist indeed and even though your order might seem smaller to you it may either be more involved than you realize (design and layout may be involved for instance) or you may be in line behind a large wedding suite or two.
And if, heaven forbid, your items are lost or damaged during shipping you'll need to allow time for replacements to be made. And if there is an error on a piece, such as an envelope or place card, you'll have to allow for that to be replaced.
With that known please send me an email with information about what you would like to have made and I'll be happy to give you an estimated shipping date. 

Why do you have clients sign contracts?
Contracts can seem intimidating, but there's no need to fear them. My contracts are very straight forward and are in place to protect both parties and get everything out in the open and agreed upon before work is begun or payments are made. 

Can you rush orders?
Depending on my current work load I may be able to rush your order for a fee, typically an up-charge of between 25% and 40% of the total cost before shipping. 

Why do you charge a rush fee?
Rush orders involve overtime and often this means I'm working outside of my business hours to get your order to you on time, or pushing other orders aside to focus on yours. A rush order fee pays for this special service. A rush fee does not cover rush shipping, rush shipping fees are extra.

Can I split my payment into two or three installments?
In most cases yes, but I will not ship your order until I have the payment in full.

I've already purchased my papers/envelopes/materials to letter on. Can you use the ones I have or do I have to buy them from you?
I can absolutely use your materials so long as they will take the paints I'll use to letter. This shouldn't be a problem unless the papers are a low quality or have an odd finish in which case the lettering may bleed. If you're unsure you can send me a sample to test for you for a small fee. Also keep in mind the time it will take to ship your items to me before I can begin.
Not sure where to purchase your envelopes from? I am happy to recommend Paper Source and Cards and Pockets for quality envelopes in many sizes and colors. To save time you can ship directly to me.
If you are sending me your envelopes or place cards please include 20% extra of the items to allow for human error.

How should I send you my list of names for my envelopes/place cards?
Please format your names & addresses exactly as you would like them lettered. Triple check that there are no mistakes before you send them, and please email them to me ( as either a word file or spreadsheet.

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! International shipments are shipped via USPS with a tracking number and insurance. I'm sorry, but I am not responsible for any customs fees. Upgrades to shipping are available.

Do you take wholesale inquiries?
Yes! Please send me a message if you are interested in purchasing wholesale.

I have an idea but I don't see it here. Can you make me something entirely custom?
Send me a message and let me know what you have in mind.

Can I get free or discounted services and/or goods in exchange for "exposure", a blog post, or some other nonsense?