Custom Original Artwork and Lettering Design for Web and Print

I work with brands, graphic designers, business owners, entrepreneurs, wedding coordinators, and other professionals to create custom artwork for use in their designs and publications. From something as simple as “spot lettering” (a bit of hand lettered text to be dropped into a design) to fully illustrated finished pieces, all of my works are entirely original, hand illustrated and hand lettered works.

All of my pieces are created by hand in my studio before they are scanned and digitized making them ready for use in web and/or print.

contemporary watercolor painting


Illustration in watercolor, gouache, and pastel.

spot lettering

Spot Lettering

Spot lettering and calligraphy is lettering created by hand, scanned, and transformed into digital files for use in web or print.

typography packaging design

Packaging Design

Illustrated and hand lettered original packaging and label design.


Invitation Design

I work with designers and wedding planners to create one-of-a-kind invitations that are illustrated and/or hand lettered before being converted into digital files for print. Please note that I do not print invitations.

brush lettered logo design

Logo Design & Branding

Custom, hand lettered and illustrated logo and branding.

watercolor bar sign for wedding

Illustrated Signs & Event Lettering

For hand painted signage and calligraphy pricing click here.

spot calligraphy and typography houston texas

Pricing & Availability

For information on pricing and availability please contact me with the details of your project.