White Calligraphy on Kraft Cardstock - A Video Tutorial

After much to-do (and a small chunk of change invested) I have dipped my eager toes into video production - albeit on a very small scale. Today I'm bringing you my first brush calligraphy video tutorial, featuring a quick how-to for white lettering using gouache on kraft brown cardstock. This is definitely a popular wedding option in my shop and one that couldn't be simpler.

White on kraft (that lovely textural brown paper) works for everything from rustic weddings to industrial and bohemian, really it's a staple. But if white isn't your thing you could easily use black gouache, or even a neon. The only colors that wouldn't work would be anything that is too similar in tone to the paper - and this is true of any color combination, really.

So give it a look and let me know what you think! Because this is my first video I'm very eager for constructive feedback. And, as always, if you have a calligraphy or small business related question leave it here in the comments, on twitter with the tag #askbernadette, or find me on instagram @heybernadette. You could even send me an email if you're not into all that social media stuff.

Thanks so much!

with love B