Introducing my Calligraphy & Watercolor YouTube Channel! (And a message about wedding work.)

For a long time now I’ve had the goal of setting up a quality YouTube channel filled with videos on my art processes! I’ve been dreaming of filming watercolor calligraphy, brush lettering, digitizing artwork, process videos, tutorials, etc. etc.! And now I’m proud to announce that I’m in the thick of it! I’

Head over to my YouTube Channel to subscribe for weekly videos! And while I have you let me ask you to leave a comment if there’s a video you’d like to see! Have a lettering or print making question for me? Please let me know! Wonder about a process of digitizing artwork? I’d love to hear from you!

Now for a very different sort of update regarding wedding work.

calligraphy tutorial videos

In the past my main focus was on wedding stationery, and while I enjoyed it, it never really felt like I belonged. So for now, and likely for good, I’m moving out of that arena and into creating works of art that I want to create. I’ll be focusing on my print shop, creating a robust wholesale catalog, and creating quality video content. A huge thank you to everyone I’ve worked with in the past, and a big hello to this new chapter in my art journey. I’m excited!

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