A Cadbury Purple Wedding & The Tool Every Professional Calligrapher Needs

This week I painted up a big batch of Cadbury purple and yellow watercolor wedding calligraphy for a bride in the UK. I had no idea starting out just how harmonious the purple and yellow would be together, but man. Fred & Ginger, these two.  I was careful not to blend them too much, I didn't want soup, and I think the effect is really nice. Well done, English bride. Good call.

cadbury purple and yellow wedding calligraphy
watercolor calligraphy table chart

 I threw in a batch of  mini clothes pins I painted to match the colors because she mentioned she needed something to pin up her table chart. I think they're pretty cute.

painted mini clothes pins for wedding table chart
close up watercolor wedding calligraphy
wedding calligraphy  by hey bernadette

And I'd like to introduce you to my new set of drying racks. I have drying racks I've bought online but they're awful and possibly soap dishes and the cards fall out. But while I was at my family's place the other day my uncle Steph, a total sweetheart and gifted woodworker, was working in his shop and I said,

"Man, you know what I need? These boards..." And I proceeded to slice shallow angled cuts into an imaginary scrap of pine.

Five minutes later I had these. 1x6's slashed into service. If he'd handed me a baby unicorn I wouldn't have been more excited.

calligraphy drying rack

Look at that simplicity! They work perfectly! At about a foot long one rack holds a table's worth of cards, keeping my surfaces free from The Spread. Fellow calligraphers, you know what I'm talking about. I can't even work without them now. So if you're handy, or know someone who is, mimic yourself a set of these. Or if you'd like I can commission a set for you. Just drop me a line.

calligraphy drying rack

Next week among other things I'll be creating my largest piece yet (it's not that big, but I'm excited), and beginning work on the cards for a local conference - super excited to show you behind the scenes stuff on that one. Plus we'll be one week closer to explaining those apples.

See you then!

with love - B