hey bernadette calligrapher

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Bernadette, a self-taught illustrator from the sunny city of Houston, Texas. When I was very small my family moved to the country right outside HTX. This was before the whole smart-phone thing, so I grew up relatively bored and highly curious about the world around me. I spent my time poking around in the dirt and learning about drawing and lettering. These were the things that made me who I am.

As a lettering artist and illustrator I have created custom pieces for hundreds of clients and my work has been featured in multiple magazines. I’m extremely passionate about teaching, and have taught hundreds of calligraphy students at workshops and private events.

Clients and magazine features include Wayfair.com, Love Wins Texas Weddings Magazine and Catalyst Wedding Magazine, along with web publications including Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled Blog and Houstonia Magazine Online. 

Fancy and Faux. A calligraphy tutorial for Catalyst magazine.

Fancy and Faux. A calligraphy tutorial for Catalyst magazine.

Alright, now it's time for some random, nonsensical facts! 

I'm a big fan of British comedy, video games, tall ships, and the absurd. I'm not really a music person but I do love to listen to classical music. And while I'm hard at work in my studio I'm probably letting Frasier auto-play for the 80th time. 

Having suffered with crippling social anxiety for most of my life I'm a very vocal advocate for mental health and the underdog.

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Based in Houston, Texas, and serving clients world-wide.