My passions are two-fold; hand-lettering & design, and my desire to serve all clients and budgets.

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Hello! I'm Bernadette, and I would love to work with you!

When I was small my grandmother had a book on typography called Lettering and Alphabets: 85 Complete Alphabets by J. Albert Cavanagh. Sexy title, right? Well, to me that book was fascinating. I would take it down from the built-in cabinet my grandfather created for their home and flip through its pages studying lines and curves with an eagerness that might have been a little much for a pre-teen. But the heart wants what it wants, right? You will be happy to learn that today I have my own copy. It's the perfect love story.

I followed my passion for lettering two steps behind my whole life. I've had odd jobs, some fun and some completely awful (receptionist for a workman's comp firm was particularly painful and soul-sucking) but I've always been an artist and wanted to be an artist. I didn't go to college; I didn't have the confidence. But I have never had a non-fiction book on design, a web course on color, or an article on marketing far from my reach.

I am constantly refining my skills, and I am so joyful to have found calligraphy and brush lettering. I feel at home in the organic brush strokes, the soft curves, washes of color, and thin upstrokes. But one thing I have always felt conflicted over is the price tag for custom invitation design. 

According to the average wedding in 2016 cost $35,329. My 2007 wedding budget was $6,000 total.

If the price of weddings blows your mind like it does mine then we are kindred souls, and it is clients like you that I want to bring bespoke design to. I grew up as one of three kids to a single mom, and she worked tirelessly to provide for us. But growing up knowing that there are things you cannot have that other people can is a disappointment you carry with you. 

For the longest time I turned clients away because they could not afford custom design.

And each time I did it felt bad. Because I know what it's like to work within a small budget, to flip something exciting to see the price tag and casually put it back down because there's just no way. My price tag was keeping me from clients I wanted to work with. And that's because custom design and gorgeous, detailed invitations are expensive. But here's the thing, they don't have to be.

I want to be the choice between four-figure luxury invitations, and mass produced and marketed designs. But, and this is important, while still providing my clients with that eye-popping all-details-included luxury suite for you to cherish and photograph with your wedding details. Click here to learn more about my Heirloom Suites. So when you "flip" my invitation suites to see the price tag, hopefully you'll say "Alright! Let's do this!"

So whether you shop at Lord & Taylor or Target I can be your designer.

My creative passions are two-fold; hand-lettering & design and my desire to serve as many clients as I can, not just the ones with hefty budgets. Because this is what I do, and I love it.


As a calligrapher and illustrator I have created custom pieces for hundreds of clients and my work has been featured in multiple magazines, including Love Wins Texas Weddings and Catalyst Wedding Magazine, along with web publications including Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled Blog and Houstonia Magazine Online. 

Alright, now it's finally time for some random, nonsensical facts! So here you go: I'm a big fan of British comedy, tall ships, and the absurd. I'm not really a music person but I do love to listen to classical music and podcasts. And I'm still waiting for that dream gig that takes me out of the country for (eek!) the first time.

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Selected Features & Clients include, Love Wins Texas Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes,
Houstonia Magazine Online, and Catalyst Wedding Magazine.

Absolutely wonderful work!! Cannot thank Bernadette enough for this great work!!! Highly recommend.
— Julia S.